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"Determination is the wake-up call to the human will."
- Anthony Robbins


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I've uploaded a new motivational wallpaper today. This one is entitled "Determination", and it's my 48th wallpaper for this site. (This one's got some back story coming, so get comfy.)

I created this wallpaper in particular because of 2 things. One, I myself am I runner - not by nature, but by choice. So I wanted an image with a runner doing his morning run. The second reason is because today I have hit a milestone in my running. I have been running for about 8 years now. I really didn't start doing it until I got out of college and needed a way to stay in shape. Well, at the end of 2005, I decided I would try to do at least 1 mile every day, and see how long (how many days in a row) I could go. I initially set out to do 100 days. When the time came and I hit that 100 days, I thought, "Wow, that was great. I'm glad I stuck to it. I think I'll keep going and aim for a larger goal that will take me a lot longer to accomplish - like 1,000 days."

Well, 900 days later, today is my 1,000th day in a row of doing at least a minimum of 1 mile every day. (I would usually do more than just a mile as I averaged 2.75 miles during these 1,000 days.) So, I decided to make this wallpaper to commemorate the occasion, and to remind myself that determination is necessary when one decides to create goals and accomplish them.
- Original blog entry from 09.12.2008

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