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"We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey." - Kenji Miyazawa


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Ok, here it is. I present to you another motivational wallpaper called "Overcome", which is my 47th wallpaper overall.

I've been saving this sky background shot (taken about 2 years ago) for when a great idea for a nice wallpaper would come along. This week, the idea of using a plane came to me while looking at a list of holidays. (This list consisted of national, official, and imaginary holidays.) Well, Aviation Day came up for August 19th. That seemed interesting to me since I had yet to use one in a wallpaper. So, I used an image of a plane I had and placed it in this background. Using some of my Photoshop skills, I created this wallpaper.

I hope this one can help motivate you to overcome those things in your life that may be pulling you down. Just realize, they don't have to keep you down. Get up! Stay motivated and use those things as fuel to overcome!
- Original blog entry from 08.23.2008

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