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"Fix in your mind to overcome all obstacles. When you truly determine this, the dawn will start to appear."
- Lincoln Patz


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Tonight I give you my 38th wallpaper entitled "Fortitude". This actual image comes from a photo taken almost 20 years ago (as this little shed no longer stands today). Before it collapsed though, it must have stood for close to over 100 years. The outside didn't look like much, but what was holding it up was on the inside. I would say that within the final 5-10 years of it's standing, three or four trees started to grow inside of this small shed that helped keep the walls and roof from collapsing.

Here's the main point I'd like to make: it wasn't what was on the outside that held this little shed up, but what was determined to grow on the inside.

Truth be told, I cannot really determine if the shed collapsed due to the gravity's affect on the weak rotting boards, or that it was because of the trees inside of the shed growing too big and strong and finally burst their way upwards toward the sky. I'd prefer to think that the latter caused the event.

So, stay determined to overcome life's challenges, everybody has them. Sooner or later, the dawn of day will appear. May you find the strength to keep going.
- Original blog entry from 04.15.2008

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