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"When one starts to visualize the impossible, one begins to see it as possible." - Cherie Carter-Scott


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I've added more resolutions for "Visualization" : the two widescreen versions and two 5:4 aspect ratio versions. I'll be adding more resolutions to my older wallpapers this weekend.
- Blog entry from 08.15.2008

Hello again. It's December now. Snow has fallen, temperatures have dropped to the mid-teens (at least where I live), and it definitely feels like winter now. I have a few ideas to make some wallpapers with snow scenes, but I haven't created any that I like yet. So for now, I'll keep enhancing some of my other non-wintry images into wallpapers for you. One such wallpaper focuses on the topic of "Visualization", and it is the 18th wallpaper on the site.

On another note, last time I mentioned that I'm trying to enhance the site structure before working on any new wallpapers. I am currently in the process of doing this, but getting the changes to work the way I like is taking longer that I anticipated. So after 5 days, I wanted to add something new on the site.
- Original blog entry from 12.05.2007

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