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"Life's hurdles can be great opportunities when we fix our minds to rise above them." - Lincoln Patz

Rise Above It

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Here is another set of additional resolutions for "Rise Above It": two widescreen versions and two 5:4 aspect ratio versions. I'll do my best to keep adding more resolutions to the rest of my wallpapers soon. Stay motivated!
- Blog entry from 08.18.2008

Another month, another wallpaper. This month seems to have flown by even faster than the last. I can make that statement because it seems that there are even more things in my life that need to be done than ever before. It may explain why I haven't gotten back to adding more wallpapers here on the site lately. Well, I'll try to rectify that this week. Tonight I'm adding my 16th wallpaper to date. It's entitled, "Rise Above It". The image that appears on this wallpaper is taken from a 3d render I did for my 3d wallpaper site about 5 years ago. It just seemed to fit so right with this idea of overcoming obstacles, so I just had to use it.
- Original blog entry from 11.28.2007

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