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"Everyone has dreams. The fulfilled are those who wake up and transform those dreams into reality."
- Lincoln Patz


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I've updated the quote on this wallpaper to avoid some legal entanglements with a company that claims to have all rights to content by Oscar Wilde. So, to keep life on the peaceful side, I changed the old quote by Wilde for this wallpaper to one by a nice fellow that I know would be much more obliging to work with. smile
- Blog entry from 10.27.2010

Just a quick update to let you know I've added 8 more resolutions to "Dreams" (#14).

Along with adding more sizes for this wallpaper, I've made a few small changes and fixes within the actual image. For some reason when I originally created this wallpaper over 3 years ago, I overlooked a few things.

I guess back in 2007, I was too busy with getting more wallpapers on this site to notice certain details. Over the course of time, I feel that I've elevated my own standards when it comes to creating new wallpapers.

I'm happy with it now though. Enjoy!
- Blog entry from 12.28.2010

Here's another motivational wallpaper that I've created 4 more resolutions for as well as changing the quote. The difference with this one and the one before it is that I knew who said the quote. (The old one came from Mulder on the "X-Files" show.) I began to think that an "X-files" character quote didn't have the same shine as a normal human being. (I know, call me "crazy" - that's ok.) This one by Oscar Wilde seems to fit perfectly for "Dreams" anyway. I hope to put one more set of additional wallpapers up tonight.
- Blog entry from 08.19.2008

Tonight I finished up on a new wallpaper called "Dreams". The quote I included in this one should make you think a little bit while you're looking at the image. I also wanted to make note that this is obviously a 3d rendered scene, and not a photo, as the sun and night sky rarely appear together, so it may not make any sense on the surface. But if you ponder that the sun in this image is the dream (or some highly desired goal), this may make a little bit more sense. (This is my only hint I'm going to offer you.)
- Original blog entry from 10.10.2007

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