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"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Here's a quick note to announce that I just put up some additional resolutions for "Zest": the two widescreen versions and the two 5:4 aspect ratio versions.

The quote is the same as the original, but I added the author's name to the quote as this is my new ongoing policy with all new wallpapers. I'll try to get one more set out tonight for one more wallpaper. I am also working today on a new wallpaper that I promise I will post today.
- Blog entry from 08.23.2008

Well, another week, so another new desktop wallpaper. This one's called "Zest".

I will be working on a few more new success wallpapers within the next few days, but it may take a little longer before I post any more wallpapers, as I will be working more on the site structure. The "Wallpapers" page is starting to get out of hand (too many to fit on 1 page), and so I am looking to make a separate page for each wallpaper - which I feel may work out for the best. So stay tuned...more improvement is under way.
- Original blog entry from 9.15.2007

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