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Rise Above It


"A consistent positive mental attitude is a force that enables the beholder to overcome even the deepest of hindrances." - Lincoln Patz


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Here's the fourth set of five additional resolutions I'm making tonight. This one's for "Attitude": the two widescreen versions and the two 5:4 aspect ratio versions. One more set to go.
- Blog entry from 08.26.2008

Tonight I added a wallpaper that I had created quite a while ago, that is why I was able to add it to the site so fast. I just had to create a few different versions to cover the most common monitor resolutions before I could add it here. It's entitled "Attitude". This is one of many that I have created and am planning on putting on this site, but one only has so much time in a day. Eventually, I will get them all up here. So keeping coming back, because you never know when I may put another one up here. ;-)
- Original blog entry from 8.17.2007

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