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"It's a wonderful truth that when one brings light to others, it always comes back to brighten a path for the giver as well." - Lincoln Patz


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Tonight I'm up for adding 2 more additional sets of resolutions to previous wallpapers. This first one is for "Shine": the two widescreen versions and the two 5:4 aspect ratio versions.
- Blog entry from 08.28.2008

Ok, after five days of pouring over ideas for a new wallpaper, I've finished up on another - the fifth of the site - entitled "Shine". (Hmm, I hope the sixth wallpaper doesn't take me 6 days to create.) This one took me longer since I had a lot of ideas, and I could not settle on the perfect quote to go along with this one until late last night. This photo is one of my favorites I've taken this year and I knew I had to make it into a wallpaper eventually. I hope it inspires you.
- Original blog entry from 8.12.2007

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