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2011 Blog Archives

Below are my archived blog entries for 2011. For those of you who frequently visited my site last year in 2011, you may already know that 2011 was quite a busy year for me. For those of you who are new, you can find out what happened last year in this blog archive. Thank you for your interest as I hope you will find the blog posts below an interesting read. (I happen to think there's still some value to be found in them.)

One-hundred-sixteenth Wallpaper - "Illuminate"
IlluminateMerry Christmas everybody! While it may not be Christmas officially yet, I am sure feeling the excitement of the season now.

I've released today my newest wallpaper, in celebration of the upcoming Christmas holiday, entitled, "Illuminate", making it my sixteenth (and final one) for the year and my 116th overall.

Not only am I feeling the excitement of the holidays, I am reminded of what this Christmas season is about. "We are told to let our light shine...", said Moody. Actually, in today's modern world, we seldom hear this, if even at all. But back when D.L. Moody was out proclaiming the gospel, it was taught that we are to be a light in this world. But what does that mean? Now a days, it's more like, "Shine the light on me!" or "Look at me!" When did this attitude become the norm?

One definition of illumination means to enlighten, as with knowledge. We are to be a light that people see, but the type that reveals to others who God is, and what He did for us by our actions. And that all started when Christ came to earth in the form of a baby. Again, the goal is to be a light for others, not shine the light on ourselves.

The true Christmas spirit of the season is of love and of giving. God gave us His Son, the ultimate gift, because He loved us so much. Let's shine a light on that gift so that others may see and find the real meaning of this season called Christmas.

New Site Updates
Just a quick note to announce that today I made a few changes this week. First off, I've decided to switch back the site theme to the "classic" style as you would normally see here. However, I will be putting the finishing touches on my new winter theme soon, in hopes that I will roll it out next week.

Also, I've decided it was time to add a little more structure in my "Wallpapers" section of this site. Now, when you visit wallpapers, you will see that this page has been restructured into categories: "The Latest", "Complete Listings", "Holiday Themed", and the "Success Alphabet". I've done this because it will allow visitors to identify how I've broken down my work - which wasn't that obvious before.

My hope is that these changes will help improve your experience here. smile

One-hundred-fifteenth Wallpaper - "Heroes"
HeroesHappy Veteran's Day everyone! Today in the United States, we celebrate this day in honor of those who served in the Armed Forces. I would especially like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the Veteran's out there today and say "Thank you" for your service to this country.

In honor of Veteran's Day, I decided to create this new wallpaper entitled, "Heroes", making it my fifteenth for the year and 115th overall for the gallery.

The original version of this wallpaper didn't even contain the silhouette of the soldiers. It actually hadn't even crossed my mind until today when I came across an image on Flickr by the US Army. I thought, "Hmmm, before I post this, let me see how this wallpaper might look like with this included somehow." I usually don't alter my work after I have already decided on my concept. But this addition didn't deviate from the concept. It actually helped pull everything together even more. It helped to reinforce the idea that there are those who need help and there are those who do answer the call and become heroes by doing so.

My grandfather was a veteran, so I know this day also meant something extra special to him. Thank you again to all those out there defending our freedoms at home and abroad. You are definitely worthy of the title, "Hero".

New Fall Theme Rollout
Fall ThemeThis summer I created my first full alternate site theme which focused on the July 4th holiday - or my "Patriot" theme, as I called it. This week, I decided to make a "Fall" theme for my site as well, and today I have made it live.

Last year, I started to create a winter theme which started this whole process off in the first place. However, things got busy and I never finished it. However, I intend to wrap that one up this year and will make it live when the time is right - maybe when the snow starts flying.

Feel free to send me any feedback on whether you like this theme or not. It will help me decide if I should keep going and making new themes for various times of the year. Thank you!

One-hundred-fourteenth Wallpaper - "Lessons"
LessonsHello everyone! Today I've finished up my newest wallpaper called "Lessons", making this one my fourteenth for 2011 and my 114th overall.

You live - you learn. I must've heard that phrase 1,000 times. It's mostly true. You learn if you choose to open your mind and see what life is trying to teach you in that moment.

Life teaches us - and we grow - from experience. Those experiences can be our own, or they can be someone else's. Life allows us to gain wisdom from both sets. It's kind of like being in a car traveling along life's road. You can be the driver and experience life directly. Or, you could be the passenger, and learn from the life of the driver as well. You become a passenger when you decide to learn from the driver's experience as an observer. But you can both learn the lesson from that event. Life's great that way!

The thing to remember is that life's road rarely comes in the form of a clear straight line. The benefit of this is that we can gain a much broader, even clearer, perspective on life when we must go through some detours that we had not planned on going through.

Sometimes the experience is painful; sometimes it's easy. Sometimes the lesson is crystal clear; other times it's not.

I believe that whatever curve in the road we go through, there is some lesson to be learned. And with that, something that helps us to handle the next twist up the road. We can choose to close our eyes and keep moving forward, without gaining any additional benefit. Or, we can open up our mind and see what we are supposed to have learned.

Changes to "Dreams"
DreamsI've updated the quote on the "Dreams" wallpaper to avoid some legal entanglements with a company that claims to have all rights to content by Oscar Wilde. So, to keep life on the peaceful side, I changed the old quote by Wilde for this wallpaper to one by a nice fellow that I know would be much more obliging to work with. smile

One-hundred-thirteenth Wallpaper - "Serenity"
SerenityToday I've finished up another new wallpaper and have posted it to my gallery entitled "Serenity". This wallpaper is my thirteenth for 2011 and my 113th overall.

This image is largely a reworked image that I rendered over 10 years ago for another wallpaper site. Last year, I determined that if I could rework that old render and make it look more realistic, while maintaining the original surreal style to it, I would use that image to make it into one of my "Success Wallpapers".

Due to the amount of changes I kept making, this image took longer than I wanted. But I was careful not to rush to a final version until I was completely satisfied with it. Just this week I felt that the look I was trying to achieve finally came together. The topic that kept coming back to me when viewing this image was "serenity".

There are times when we need to evaluate everything in our lives - the physical, mental, and spiritual areas where we feel stressed - and just take a deep breath. Then exhale and allow anything negative to wash away. The one who can do this will find true serenity.

The negative things will appear smaller and not so devastating. They still may remain in the picture, but for now, just save it all for later. What is important to note is that we all need to clean out the garbage that clutters up the mind and soul on a daily basis.

Life can become so overwhelming at times that it seems to make all the good in our lives appear hidden. I look forward to the day when I can find that true permanent serenity myself. Until that day, I need to be alert and mindful when I need to find that serenity and do a "cleanse". This image serves as my reminder of that. I hope it can do the same for you.

One-hundred-twelfth Wallpaper - "Quest"
QuestJust a quick note that tonight I've posted my newest wallpaper to my gallery entitled "Quest", making this one my twelfth new wallpaper for the year and my 112th overall.

The majority of the population sets goals for their lives, but few seem to hold on to such a dream which allows the desire to fade away. Those goals set once upon a time become a mere mirage over time.

Of those who do persist and prevail, they realize that the goal does not fulfill them completely. Why? Because we are made to continue to improve ourselves until the day we die. That is the true quest of life. It is a combination of smaller journeys rather than only a singular one.

Setting a new challenge after one is met and repeating the process through life is what keeps the mind busy, and makes the soul happy. If you aren't on a path to fulfill a major goal in your life today, begin now and see if it doesn't give you a little extra boost of motivation - as well as a desire - to know that there's something great that you were meant to still actively accomplish.

One-hundred-eleventh Wallpaper - "Insight"
InsightToday I've added another new wallpaper to the gallery entitled "Insight", which is my eleventh new wallpaper for the year.

More than any time in my life right now, I am coming to realize how important it is to try and gain the proper perspective and see the big overall picture. I believe that proper perspective can only be achieved through having good insight on a given situation or subject.

Insight itself is simply having an accurate understanding of the event or object that is being focused on. It is not a superficial or low-level type of understanding, but rather a deeper level knowledge of the "What" and the "Why". When people make snap judgements about things without proper insight, bad decisions usually follow.

Usually we can decipher the "What" of most situations, but it's much more difficult - sometimes even impossible - to know or understand the "Why". I won't get into any details of my own life here, but knowing that there is a reason for everything (an answer to the "Why's" of life) does provide some level of satisfaction for me, in that whatever hardships or blessings one may be going through, it does serve a purpose.

Having the courage - like a wise old lion - to sit down and honestly confront these questions honestly is the first step to gaining the insight we venture to obtain. It does aid us along life's road to deal with the rough patches along the journey.

One-hundred-tenth Wallpaper - "Obstacles"
ObstaclesI've just posted my latest new motivational wallpaper to the gallery today called "Obstacles", which is my tenth wallpaper for 2011 and 110th overall.

An obstacle can been defined as something that blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress. Life is full of these. I wish that life could just cooperate with us when we need it to. I wish that when we take care of a problem that arises, that issue would stay fixed - forever.

Unfortunately, life does not flow that way. That's why I selected this particular image. It shows a jungle with many obstacles along the way, like that downed tree. It also pictures a peaceful place where the water arrives beyond the rocks and difficulties.

Life indeed is full of challenges and obstacles. But that's how we learn, and improve. That's how we develop character, and become stronger. Our muscles only grow when they are used and stressed to a point where they actually tear. Then they heal and become thicker and stronger. Our coping skills become stronger when we face and get past certain challenges in our lives.

This quote is fitting too because obstacles do come in the form of loss or disappointment as well. Some things in life we may not be able to change, but we can change. These obstacles can also help guide us in the right direction too. And like the picture, in the end it all evens out, and we can feel much better about how things eventually turned out.

I'd like to send out a prayer for all those out there are are facing some very difficult obstacles in their lives today. These obstacles will make you stronger and better eventually. Keep your determination and hope up, despite these hindrances, so that you'll arrive at that peaceful spot. I know I look forward to that day myself.

One-hundred-ninth Wallpaper - "Step Up"
Step UpI've finally found some time today to add a new wallpaper to the gallery. I know, it's been longer than I usually take between new releases. I had intended to release this wallpaper a few weeks ago, when I had it completed, but certain events in my schedule had forced me to wait until I could find the time.

So I'm happy to finally give to you my ninth new wallpaper for the year called, "Step Up", which is also my 109th overall wallpaper for the site.

I am aiming to release yet another new wallpaper this month, and probably 2 wallpapers each month for the next couple of months as well. I have all the ideas laid out that I would still like to create yet this year, so I feel pretty confident that I can offer about six to seven more yet for 2011.

Hopefully this wallpaper will help inspire you to take a few steps up yourself in some area of your life. Have a great rest of the week!

One-hundred-eighth Wallpaper - "Freedom"
FreedomHappy Fourth of July everyone! I am very excited about today, as America turns 235 years old. Celebrations commemorating this great nation's birthday have been ongoing these past few days around America, through parades and fireworks displays that will be wrapping up tonight.

So to celebrate in my own way this year, I've made another new holiday-themed success wallpaper entitled, "Freedom", making it my 5th of the year and 108th overall for this gallery.

Freedom is a wonderful thing. I'm sure you've heard the classic phrase, "Freedom does not come free". This "wall" is my way of expressing how much blood had to be shed to provide us the many freedoms we now have in this country. The fatigue of gaining these freedoms first started through war.

Over 235 years ago, 56 brave men led in the decision that this nation should become a free one. They also realized that in order to gain independence, we would have to sacrifice a lot in the process. They knew that opposition would come calling to stop them. Yet they knew that the price in order for this nation to obtain it's independence was worth paying. America did win its freedom, but not every person in the United States had their own freedom.

Then, in 1861, America was torn into 2 camps, whether slavery should be abolished in America or not. Abraham Lincoln was a proponent to end slavery even before he took office, but it took an ugly civil war for this to be realized. Lincoln also knew how vital it was that America remain a unified nation. Although the North won in the end, and the Union was sustained, Lincoln paid the ultimate price himself at the conclusion of the bitter conflict. But, America did become a free nation to all!

I am very grateful for these many freedoms. I am also grateful for the many men and women - both past and present day - who put their lives in harm's way to preserve these freedoms. Sadly, I take these freedoms for granted too often. I guess that's one reason why I enjoy this holiday so much. It puts the focus back on how fortunate we are as Americans to live in a free land. Observance helps to overcome the sad state of forgetfulness that can easily descend on us. I thank God for all the blessings He's bestowed upon America.

I challenge you today to the use these freedoms you have to help someone in need. It makes having such freedoms even more valuable.

New Patriot Theme Rollout
Patriot ThemeIn 13 days (include today in that count), America will celebrate Independence Day again. In honor of the upcoming holiday event - one of my favorite times of the year, I might add - I thought it would be cool to change things up a bit. For the first time ever, I've custom made a brand new website theme highlighting our nation's Independence Day. (If you're reading this on my site right now, you will have noticed that there's a lot more Red, White, and Blue than normal.)

Also to commemorate the occasion, I'll be tweeting and posting to my Facebook wall quotes on Freedom and Independence until the Fourth of July arrives. On that glorious day, I'll release another holiday-themed wallpaper.

Until then, if you've got any good Patriotic based quotes, please feel free to share them on this site's Facebook page wall.

One-hundred-seventh Wallpaper - "Zeal"
ZealToday I've released my latest new motivational wallpaper to the gallery today called "Zeal". This is my seventh wallpaper for 2011 and 107th overall.

I've heard it said that zeal involves a keen interest in something. This image portrays a guitar and suggests that the owner holds a zeal for music. They are passionate about it, and it resonates with them at a very deep level.

Yet this image embodies more than just a musical instrument. If you look closely at the guitar face, it has all sorts of stickers and labels displayed on it. The owner of this guitar had "stamped" their own identity upon this item with both their experiences and love for music, in a more visual and public way.

I feel this image also highlights the idea that music is made alive when this guitar is played. The rhythms that resonate from it do reach down touch the soul of both the musician and the fortunate listeners who get to hear this instrument's message. They reach the "secret places of the soul."

Thankfully, you don't have to be a gifted musician to enjoy music, though. I am in no way a musician. I am not creatively gifted in that way. It's ok though, as I can still enjoy music and song in my own unique way through listening.

But when you have a unique interest or zeal in anything, which when nurtured properly, it can develop into a skill. The fact that you have a zeal for something unique should help direct you toward a specific path. But if you also have a natural talent for something as well, I believe you should pursue it in a way that is uniquely your own, and you will have the potential to create great things.

Success Wallpapers on Facebook Gets Official Page Name
In just under a month, has gained enough fans on Facebook to claim the url for "successwallpapers". On Facebook, a fan page must have at least 25 fans before it can claim a vanity URL. So, I've already updated the links on this site to go directly to our new address. I'd just like to give a big "Thank you!" shout out to everyone who has fanned or "Liked" us on Facebook so far.

And if you haven't yet done so, I'd like to encourage you to "Like" our page as well. Also, please feel free to write on our wall - something positive of course - or share anything that has inspired you today. Thanks again!

Success Wallpapers Goes Social
Tonight I finished adding the Twitter "Tweet" and Facebook "Like" and "Send" social media buttons to all the wallpaper pages on my site. Since this site now has it's own Facebook page (to go along with my Twitter account), I figured it would be a good idea to make it even easier for my visitors and fans to discuss my work, or even share some motivation with someone who could use an inspirational message now and again. You may also have noticed that I've added a Facebook "Comments" box at the bottom to each wallpaper page for added engagement. Please feel free to add a comment should a good feeling hit you where you think. smile

One-hundred-sixth Wallpaper - "Courage"
CourageI am very pleased to finally release this new motivational wallpaper to the gallery today. It's entitled "Courage", making it my sixth new wallpaper for the year and 106th overall.

Courage is often associated with bravery and heroic acts, which is usually seen through an outward form of action. How strange is it then that the most important battlefield to conquer is on the inside.

Courage can be defined as the ability to confront fear, pain, risk, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. The items on that list could easily be categorized as inward or outward forces, depending on the situation.

I believe that the last item in that group - intimidation - is probably the most extreme of them all. Why do I say this? Because intimidation is a force that is on the offensive. In the realm of the psychological - it's a violent mental attack. The others still exist, but they are merely obstacles you run into along the way.

However, intimidation is more of an offensive entity moving towards you, whether you take action or not. Its goal is to pressure and frighten. When others are trying to intimidate you, you have to defend yourself. To do this, oddly enough, you need to defend yourself mentally by way of ignoring the negative message completely and block it out. The key to doing this though, is to focus solely on something else that reinforces the positive benefits of the goal you are trying to achieve. If an idea can't wedge it's way inside your mind, it's powerless to create fear and influence you.

One positive aspect about intimidation is that it forces you to make a decision. You will either summon up the courage it takes and attack back by blocking the negative thoughts from entering your mind and influence your beliefs; or you will give up, run away, hide, or submit. Either way, you will be forced to take action. Hopefully you will choose the former.

If you can overcome intimidation that tries to stop you on your path in life, then pain, risk, and uncertainty won't have a chance to stop you either. Win that battle in your mind to build courage, and use it to stay on your path until you reach the end!

Now on Facebook!
facebook iconI'm very happy to announce tonight that I've finally setup the Success Wallpapers official Facebook account. It is not a personal page, but rather a business account page, fyi. I know it's been a long time coming - but better late than never, right? So please check us out on Facebook here. I will look to implement many more pages of my site with Facebook during the coming weeks - like each individual wallpaper files. But for now, this is at least a start. I'll look to add a few apps in the account, and try to answer any questions or comments that anyone has. I might even hold some contests or drawings for some free stuff from my store. Sound good?

One-hundred-fifth Wallpaper - "Surprises"
SurprisesIn celebration of this year's Easter holiday, I've added a fun new success wallpaper to the gallery called "Surprises". This particular wallpaper is my fifth new wallpaper for this year and 105th overall to my gallery.

Surprises can be a great thing when they happen. These surprises are sometimes revealed, and other times we have to seek them out. They may not seem to fit the mold of a "surprise" if we're seeking it, nevertheless, when we do find "it", it can be a source of joyous surprise - if we keep a positive attitude.

While I don't want to make Easter as being all about finding eggs or candy (because it isn't), I felt that the activity of the traditional Easter egg hunt symbolizes the fact that what we search for in life can be both fun and rewarding, if we choose to make it as such.

Case in point, I remember when I was a little boy, part of the Easter experience in our family was for my parents to hide candy all over the house for me and my younger sister to find. Along with the little piles of jelly beans, we each had a special basket of goods specially created just for each of us.

One particular year, in making the search a little sporting for me, my parents had hid my basket in a harder place to find, whereas my sister's was more "out" in the open, making it a lot easier for my little sis to find hers. (I think I passed by it like 3 times while trying to find mine.)

After about 10 minutes, I realized this, and I started to get frustrated. This wasn't fair and I didn't like it! My patience was spent, and I felt like quitting the game. However, with a little encouragement from my Mom, (and maybe a few hints from my Dad), I eventually found it. (Bless them both!)

So, looking back, I know that if I had kept looking with a more positive and patient attitude, and tried to enjoy the process, finding the prize would've been more rewarding, and a more enjoyable surprise.

Life is a lot like this, not just Easter candy

One-hundred-fourth Wallpaper - "Euphoria"
EuphoriaTonight I've added a new wallpaper to the gallery called "Euphoria", which is my fourth new wallpaper for 2011 and 104th overall.

Have you ever had a life experience where extreme joy or serenity flooded over you so intensely that it felt euphoric? It's an awesome feeling, like witnessing the real Northern Lights! It's actually been 12 years since I last saw them myself, but I'm always looking ahead to the time when I'll see them again. Having those experiences makes me really appreciate those times.

There are many great things in life that can provide us the opportunities for euphoric moments. Unfortunately many people turn to the wrong things to reach experiences like this due to a lot of misinformation, laziness, wrong focus, or even peer pressure.

I won't digress as I know most of you already know the kinds of things I'm alluding to. But being able to achieve these wonderful highs in the right manner begin with managing your mind properly. I believe we can have these experiences more frequent than we think.

Being mentally available to experience these moments starts with having an open mind and a positive attitude. To borrow some points from my last blog entry on seizing the day, sometimes simply looking at where you're at now could provide this wonderful experience.

I know for myself, looking forward to the future and what possibilities lie ahead can set off enough of a spark that gets me going. While this may not be an instant "ecstatic experience", I believe it helps put me into the right frame of mind that I need to get there. There are other days when this doesn't work, but this happens because I allow negativity to block the path.

I believe there are a few things in life that can naturally set off euphoria without too much effort on our part. But I also believe moments of ecstasy can be experienced daily through possessing the right frame of mind - an appreciative and open one.

One-hundred-third Wallpaper - "Seize The Day"
Seize The DayI've uploaded a new wallpaper this week named, "Seize The Day". This is my 3rd success "wall" for the year, and my 103rd overall to my gallery.

In life, sometimes we can get frustrated by the apparent lack of progress we are making, or have made, compared to where we thought we should be. We all have goals and hopes for our futures. We all want to improve the quality of our lives. For some, the only way to do this is to make a radical change in one's life - like moving on - to be exposed to new opportunities.

But moving on - figuratively or physically - is not necessarily the right answer for everyone, nor is it the best solution for all circumstances. We need to take another look at where we are right now and consider that maybe the perfect opportunity lies right where we stand. Sometimes, it's very easy to overlook things when we're too close to them. I like how this image symbolizes this idea.

Are you frustrated at home, or in your job? Take another look and figure out what makes you feel this way. If it's something that you can adjust yourself to, or fix what's causing the problem, then maybe you are where you're at for this very reason - to improve upon your surroundings. This is what you need to figure out.

It may not come right away. It may take some time and patience on your part before you see your efforts bearing fruit. But eventually, it will bring blessing - because you hung in there, where you were, and took advantage of your opportunity.

One-hundred-second Wallpaper - "Foresight"
ForesightHappy Groundhog Day everyone! In honor of this very unique and special day, I've posted my 102nd success wallpaper entitled, "Foresight".

I bet you never thought you'd see a motivational wallpaper celebrating a groundhog predicting the weather - at least one that wasn't in the shade of the demotivational sort.

In all honesty - for some strange reason - I've wanted to make such a wallpaper for a long time. However, a fitting concept never really came to me until I was running down a list of possible topics for this year a few weeks ago. When I came across "foresight", I had that light bulb moment for a possible idea.

Foresight is the act of looking forward, and getting a perspective of the future. Living in America, and seeing what has been happening these past few years (and even decades), it's easy to say that many in this nation had failed along the way to use good foresight, within the scope of making important economic decisions that would affect this nation.

One may ask, "But the groundhog is simply looking for his shadow. Where's the lesson in that?" Well, at least he's trying to look ahead for something. Don't make the same mistakes that many others have by not taking time to see how the decisions you make today will affect your future. Use a different perspective (along with some common sense) to see where you may be headed if things don't change. Doing this will help you to avoid the disasters that many others are headed towards.

Having the proper foresight allows you to create a sensible plan which you can adjust as you move forward. This allows you to be more creative, yet responsive when things start changing, allowing you to make better decisions, and stay on target to where you want to go. So it's well worth taking the time to look ahead on a consistent basis.

(For those of you living outside North America, who really have no clue as to what special day I'm talking about, you can get a good rundown about Groundhog's Day here. This page actually lists 22 up-and-coming groundhogs from around North America. Never realized there were so many of them.)

Here's to the Groundhog, who reminds us today to use a little foresight!smile

One-hundred-first Wallpaper - "Discipline"
DisciplineThis will be a quick note that tonight I've finished my first new "wall" of the year. I've just posted my 101st success wallpaper entitled, "Discipline".

This wallpaper was one that I've had on the shelf (in development) for a while - since the summer of last year actually. Other projects seemed to keep slipping in and took priority, but I finally finished this one up this week. (As I've probably mentioned at least once before, I have about 3-5 ideas that I am working on at any one time. When I feel that a wallpaper is completed, and the timing is right, I make that one live.)

The timing for this "wall" seems appropriate too, as many people are in the midst of trying to keep to their New Year's resolutions. Having and keeping the discipline to stick to your plan is vital to hitting your goals for this year.

I wish you all the best and that your goals and aspirations for this new year will come to fruition. But know this: they won't unless you have the discipline to stick with your plans. Plans can be appended and corrected to stay on course - just don't quit. Stay committed, stay focused, and stay disciplined! There are rewards awaiting you on the other side.

The Success Alphabet
Happy New Year 2011 everyone! What better way to start out the year with a little motivation in a fun and unique way. Over the past 4 seasons, I've been creating a wide variety of wallpapers. Early on, I had this idea to make my own alphabet word list using motivational words, like the old US Military alphabet code that uses keywords for their "alphabet". When I finished up on my latest wallpaper, I had completed the final piece of the puzzle. So, today I am making public for the first time, my "Success Alphabet" in its completed form. Enjoy!

If you'd like to read my other archived blog posts, you can find them here: 2010 archives, 2009 archives, 2008 archives, and 2007 archives.

Or, you can go back to my latest blog posts.

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