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Below are my archived blog entries for 2007. If you've read this far into my site, you must really be interested in what I have to say. Thank you - I'm flattered. I just hope you will still find the blog interesting as you start to read my comments below. (I happen to think there's still some value to be found in them.)

Thirtieth Wallpaper - "Improvement"
ImprovementToday, I am proud to say that I have finished putting up my last wallpaper of the year - wallpaper number 30 - meeting my goal of getting 30 unique success-themed wallpapers on this site. I call this one "Improvement".

This is the last wallpaper of 16 wallpapers that I originally designed in 2006 before I took a break from making them only for myself. A year later, I would enhance those 16 wallpapers and decide to create a site using them as the basis of the content you now see here. (For more on how this site got started, you can read up on it at my About page.)

I hope that this year found yourself making progress in various areas of your life. I know for myself it has been a year of ups and downs. But I love the fact that I can look back and see that some of the goals I had set out to do came to fulfillment this year - one of those being able to create this site and fill it with wallpapers that people seem to enjoy. In fact, I find that this very wallpaper seems to top off this year's crop of wallpapers rather nicely, as it should be the goal of everyone in the coming year - to improve upon who we are and keep making progress.

Thanks for sharing this year with me through my site. I'd like to wish you a wonderful Happy New Year that finds you continually improving and succeeding in all that you set out to do!

Twenty-ninth Wallpaper - "Potential"
PotentialAnother day, another wallpaper, another step closer to hitting my goal of seeing 30 wallpapers here on the site. This one's called "Potential" and is the 29th wallpaper for this site. One more to go now! Check back tomorrow and I'll hopefully have that 30th wallpaper up on this site. I hope that this wallpaper will inspire you to reach your full potential in the coming New Year ahead.

Twenty-eighth Wallpaper - "Diversity"
DiversityHi again! I have another wallpaper in which the topic had me searching a while for the right quote that could fit into 2 lines of text. It wasn't easy, but I eventually came up with something that I thought was fitting. This was also an image that I had been working on for a while back, but I never quite finished it up until tonight. This new wallpaper is entitled "Diversity" and is the 28th wallpaper for this site.

Twenty-seventh Wallpaper - "Vision"
VisionTonight I bring you one of the last two original wallpapers I had done last year. It's called "Vision" and is the 27th wallpaper for this site.

On another note, I think I'll be able to meet my goal of getting 30 wallpapers up here before the year ends. I've already determined which ones I'll post here this week, but I still need to do some minor enhancements to all of them. So keep coming back for more.

Twenty-sixth Wallpaper - "Integrity"
IntegrityWell, I'm back with another new wallpaper tonight. I had taken this photo 2 years ago on my parent's property in the early fall. This one is called "Integrity" and is the 26th wallpaper for this site.

Twenty-fifth Wallpaper - "Christmas"
ChristmasHello and a very big "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" to everyone! OK, I wasn't able to post this yesterday, which was my original plan, but my day was filled with other obligations. (I'm even amazed that I've found a little time today to post this.) Well anyway, I've added the 25th wallpaper for the site entitled "Christmas" in celebration of the season. This is one of my favorite Bible verses concerning the true meaning behind this holiday. I've deviated a little bit from my usual style of not adding the author of the quote, but I felt that adding the verse reference would help out those who wanted to look this Scripture reference up for themselves. Once again, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy NEW Year!

Twenty-fourth Wallpaper - "Discover"
DiscoverJust a short note to announce that tonight I've added the 24th wallpaper for the site entitled "Discover".

Check back tomorrow for a special holiday wallpaper.

Twenty-third Wallpaper - "Service"
ServiceHello again. With the Christmas season in full swing, it's been pretty hectic trying to get more wallpapers created. I've managed to get another one up for you though. This is the 23rd wallpaper, and it's called "Service".

I'm looking to add at least 2 more before Christmas Day, so stay tuned.

Twenty-second Wallpaper - "Quality"
QualityTonight I've added one of the last remaining original wallpapers - based on the success theme - that I did last year. It's entitled "Quality", and is the 22nd wallpaper for this site. I have a few more originals remaining, including one called "Service", which I plan on releasing as my next wallpaper for this site sometime later this weekend. So be sure to come back later this week.

Twenty-first Wallpaper - "Innovation"
InnovationToday I've added the 21st success wallpaper for this site called "Innovation". This is a reworked version of an older wallpaper I did a year ago. I was thinking of adding a river into this scene, but in the end I opted not to. (Maybe I'll add another version of it to the Innovation page in the future.)

Twentieth Wallpaper - "Brilliance"
BrillianceToday I've added success wallpaper number 20. It's called "Brilliance" and is another one of my earlier wallpapers I had last year, but I wanted to tweak the quote underneath to something that fit the image a bit more before I put it up on this site.

I hope to add 10 more to this site before the month ends, including a Christmas wallpaper too - so stay tuned.

Site Structure Updated!
I've finally updated - at least one section - the site structure. I've created separate pages for each wallpaper on the site now, (currently at 19) so, in the future, I can link blog entries and random thumbnails to these individual pages. I've actually added a little script on each individual page which shows a few random samples of other wallpapers on the site, which can also be seen here on this page off to the right side - for now anyways.

I felt I needed to update the wallpaper page because it was starting to get too large and too long. I've linked all individual topics found there to the individual pages for now, but I'm still making up my mind if I should just show a grid of mini thumbnails for the page instead of how it appears currently.

You can see the changes in the wallpaper section now.

Nineteenth Wallpaper - "Perseverance"
PerseveranceAlong with working on new ideas for more wallpapers, I went back to some older success wallpapers I had done last year, but not yet posted here on the site. This is one of those entitled, "Perseverance".

Eighteenth Wallpaper - "Visualization"
VisualizationHello again. It's December now. Snow has fallen, temperatures have dropped to the mid-teens (at least where I live), and it definitely feels like winter now. I have a few ideas to make some wallpapers with snow scenes, but I haven't created any that I like yet. So for now, I'll keep enhancing some of my other non-wintry images into wallpapers for you. One such wallpaper focuses on the topic of "Visualization", and it is the 18th wallpaper on the site.

On another note, last time I mentioned that I'm trying to enhance the site structure before working on any new wallpapers. I am currently in the process of doing this, but getting the changes to work the way I like is taking longer that I anticipated. So after 5 days, I wanted to add something new on the site.

Seventeenth Wallpaper - "Think Big"
Think BigTonight I give you another wallpaper, bringing the total to 17 for this site. This one's called "Think Big". I'm starting to feel inspired enough to add a few more very soon. However, I still need to reformat the wallpaper section on my site as well - and soon. So, I'm trying to decide what to do first - work on another wallpaper, or improve on the site structure.

(Hmm . . . choices, choices.)

Sixteenth Wallpaper - "Rise Above It"
Rise Above ItAnother month, another wallpaper. This month seems to have flown by even faster than the last. I can make that statement because it seems that there are even more things in my life that need to be done than ever before. It may explain why I haven't gotten back to adding more wallpapers here on the site lately. Well, I'll try to rectify that this week. Tonight I'm adding my 16th wallpaper to date. It's entitled, "Rise Above It". The image that appears on this wallpaper is taken from a 3d render I did for my 3d wallpaper site about 5 years ago. It just seemed to fit so right with this idea of overcoming obstacles, so I just had to use it.

Fifteenth Wallpaper - "Imagination"
ImaginationI can't believe how fast October has flown by, as it's been a very busy month for me. I thought I'd better put up at least one more wallpaper on this site before the month came to an official close. So, allow me to present my 15th success-themed wallpaper called "Imagination". It's just a little taste of autumn - while there's still some of it left. Also, this image marks the half-way point towards my goal of getting 30 total success wallpapers up here before the year ends. (Hmmm, that means I need to average 7.5 for the next 2 months in order to meet this goal.)

Can I get it done in time?

Stay tuned....

Fourteenth Wallpaper - "Dreams"
DreamsTonight I finished up on a new wallpaper called "Dreams". The quote I included in this one should make you think a little bit while you're looking at the image. I also wanted to make note that this is obviously a 3d rendered scene, and not a photo, as the sun and night sky rarely appear together, so it may not make any sense on the surface. But if you ponder that the sun in this image is the dream (or some highly desired goal), this may make a little bit more sense. (This is my only hint I'm going to offer you.)

Thirteenth Wallpaper - "Character"
CharacterOk, I know it's been a little longer than I usually take to post something new. And for that, I'm sorry. Not to make excuses, but I've been quite busy developing a new idea that I hope to bring live later this year online. But enough of that. Let's get to what's new. Tonight I added a new wallpaper called "Character", focusing on how under the heat of adversity our true character is revealed.

Twelfth Wallpaper - "Zest"
ZestWell, another week, so another new desktop wallpaper. This one's called "Zest".

I will be working on a few more new success wallpapers within the next few days, but it may take a little longer before I post any more wallpapers, as I will be working more on the site structure. The "Wallpapers" page is starting to get out of hand (too many to fit on 1 page), and so I am looking to make a separate page for each wallpaper - which I feel may work out for the best. So stay tuned...more improvement is under way.

Resources Page Added
I've added a small resources page today which you will see in the top navigation. As time goes on, I will evaluate helpful and useful sites that come across my path for me to include here. Some may be deleted if I feel that they are not providing as much value as I thought they once were. But it is my desire that this page can be useful for your journey to success.

Eleventh Wallpaper - "Take Action"
Take ActionIt's my pleasure to give to you another desktop wallpaper. The title (and subject) of this one is "Take Action", and I am very proud to say that I followed this advice myself tonight rather than putting it off till tomorrow, as I easily could have. (I have this very wallpaper up on my own monitor even now, and I think I'm going to keep it up longer than I usually do with wallpapers.) I hope it can inspire you to take some form of positive action in your life today.

Tenth Wallpaper - "Achievability"
AchievabilityToday I added another wallpaper entitled "Achievability" - the tenth success wallpaper for this site. I hope this wallpaper will challenge you to evaluate where you are now, and see yourself becoming much more - the best you can ultimately be. And, and in case you were wondering - no, I am not trying to recruit for the US army. :-)

Ninth Wallpaper - "Perspective"
PerspectiveI added another wallpaper tonight to bring the count to nine wallpapers. The topic is "Perspective" - couldn't we all use a healthy one when life gets "challenging". Anyway, this image was actually my very first stab at making success themed wallpapers when I originally started a year ago. I've tweaked this one a little, but enough that it strikes me at being finished. Enjoy!

Eighth Wallpaper - "Youth"
YouthTonight I finally added another wallpaper that I had been working on for over a week. It's called "Youth" and is the eighth wallpaper in my collection here. The hardest part was coming up with a concept I liked, for a topic that I wanted to portray without using people. Why? Well, I wanted to portray this subject in a different light. We easily look at people and judge others on the outside. This concept was a new way for me to convey youth without using the obvious old man or youth child. I feel it really fits with the particular quote I found as well. Is it the best way to convey the idea? I've already decided. You are free to make up your own mind. (Your welcome.)

One more note, I have been making more wallpapers since my last post, but I wanted to load this particular wallpaper first. I actually am planning on putting up 4-5 more desktop wallpapers up here within the next week. So come back real soon.

Recommend Tool Added
Today I added an easy way for you - my site users - to tell others about this new site: a recommend tool. It's a pretty simple process, where you can notify up to 5 people at a time, or you can send a reminder to yourself if you aren't at your home computer when you find this site.

I don't have any new wallpapers to put up here as this week I'm focusing on a few other things besides the new recommend tool. A few of the other things I am working on to fill out the areas that I feel can provide more value here, include a list of success resources and poster-sized versions of all my work. For now, I am still cleaning the source code and trying to make the site as streamlined as possible.

Seventh Wallpaper - "Attitude"
AttitudeTonight I added a wallpaper that I had created quite a while ago, that is why I was able to add it to the site so fast. I just had to create a few different versions to cover the most common monitor resolutions before I could add it here. It's entitled "Attitude". This is one of many that I have created and am planning on putting on this site, but one only has so much time in a day. Eventually, I will get them all up here. So keeping coming back, because you never know when I may put another one up here. ;-)

Sixth Wallpaper - "Wonderland"
WonderlandTonight I added another wallpaper that I've been working on the past 2 days. It's entitled "Wonderland" and it includes an image that I took behind my parents house in their woods last winter when it had just snowed. It's another one of my favorites.

About the Site
It's been my routine with every site I make - yes, I have more than this one - to include a page somewhere on the site a page to explain why I am doing this. It may not mean so much to other people (or have any worth for that matter), but for me it's a way to remind myself what I am doing this for. If I didn't do this, I probably would not be motivated to continue working at it. So, for those of you who would like to know why I started this site in the first place, take a look at the "About" page for a deeper understanding of my goals behind this site. Thank you for your interest, or for the extra time you wanted to kill. :-)

Fifth Wallpaper - "Shine"
ShineOk, after five days of pouring over ideas for a new wallpaper, I've finished up on another - the fifth of the site - entitled "Shine". (Hmm, I hope the sixth wallpaper doesn't take me 6 days to create.) This one took me longer since I had a lot of ideas, and I could not settle on the perfect quote to go along with this one until late last night. This photo is one of my favorites I've taken this year and I knew I had to make it into a wallpaper eventually. I hope it inspires you.

Fourth Wallpaper - "Dream Big"
Dream BigWe're on a roll now - three new wallpapers in three days! Tonight I uploaded wallpaper number four, "Dream Big". I'm still planning on getting one more success-themed desktop up this week.

Third Wallpaper - "Opportunity"
OpportunityTonight I uploaded another wallpaper, the third for this site, entitled "Opportunity." I hope it brings you a little motivation and enjoyment.

Second Wallpaper - "Goals"
GoalsTonight I uploaded the second wallpaper called "Goals." I actually have three more success-themed wallpapers created and finalized, but I still have to make them into the "ready-for-download" sizes by resizing and optimizing each wallpaper. These next three I plan on putting up here later on in the week. So be sure to check back real soon.

Contact Form Added
Today I added a contact form so that if you had any ideas for ways I could improve this site, any ideas for specific wallpapers that you would like to see created, or for ideas or links that you would like to see added to a resources section that I am currently building, you can send them my way.

More Wallpaper Resolutions Added
Today I uploaded the other sizes for "Success". Ok, I know it took longer than expected, but it's there now for those who use a different resolution on their monitors. I also have future plans to offer more resolution sizes, but for now, all wallpapers here will be provided in the following sizes: 1600x1200, 1152x864, 1024x768, and 800x600.

First Wallpaper - "Success"
SuccessToday I uploaded my first wallpaper, aptly named "Success" to start off this site's collection. For now, it's posted in the wallpapers section. I will eventually create another way to categorize my work, but for now, this will have to do. I only have this wallpaper in the 1152x864 resolution, but I plan on providing 3 more resolution sizes later on this week.

Getting Started
Today I finally opened up the doors of the website. I've been planning this idea for over a year now, but unfortunately have been way too busy with other things in my life to finally sit down and put together a site and code it. I've made over 25 success themed wallpapers, but never had found the time to post them really anywhere - save my own personal site. I hope you enjoy the inspired wallpapers to come.

If you'd like to read my other archived blog posts, you can find them here: 2011 archives, 2010 archives, 2009 archives, and 2008 archives.

Or, you can go back to my latest blog posts.

What's Being Said:

I just love the variety of topics covered by the author and I believe that anyone else with more specific interests will love it too. I recommend this site and its content to every one looking for an easy and enjoyable way to succeed, even without realizing it. Download and use. Positive change is inevitable."
-Kalin C.

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