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Why Do This?

In the past couple of years, I came across many success-themed posters (offline, in the real world, that is). I thought to myself, "Wow, those are really cool! I'd sure love to have something like that." Then, later, I would go online to see if I can find and download a picture of the same image that seemed to have inspired me. After a few hours of searching online, trying to find the same thing in a downloadable format that was hi-res, I met with disappointment as I just couldn't find any.

I've found similar things, but never the exact layout and format that I was looking for. I've seen many superb and inspiring posters that one can buy, but never have I found a site that displays in similar fashion the posters I have come to love, let alone that also invokes within the viewer the same emotions of success and motivation. The sites I found fell way short of that.

Finally, one day I thought, "That's it! I'm going to start taking photos of great scenery, put it into a format that gives me what I'm looking for, and attach inspirational quotes from many great authors, speakers, and leaders to create what I can't seem to find myself." I determined though that the quotes and scenes needed to convey a relevant meaning and insight - that they wouldn't just be slapped together just because I thought they looked "good enough".

As I started, I really loved what I was able to craft together. Then it dawned on me, "How selfish is it of me to keep these all to myself? If I seem to enjoy these so much, why not share these wallpapers with others as well?"

It's not that I feel multitudes of people are looking for these I guess. Maybe there are more out there than I think, or maybe not. But for the few people out there who - like myself - are looking for something like this, who can get inspired by my work, and decide to change their lives because they were partly influenced by it, then it is worth it to me.

Creating this site has given me the chance to serve others, use my abilities, and motivate myself to do more with my life. It is allowing me to blend my love of photography, my passion for self-improvement, and my abilities in the realm of graphic design in a constructive way that I can serve others. Sure I'd like to make a little money with this site, but that's not my focus. I am a creative person by nature, so I love doing this. But the true reward for me is making wallpapers (and posters), knowing that I could leave a positive lasting impression on others.

I hope you can take something more from this site than just simple wallpapers. I hope that I can help you by providing resources that will move you to take action to become all that you were meant to become. My desire is that this material will help inspire you so that you too can be an inspiration to others.

Here's to your success!

- Lincoln Patz

What's Being Said:

I just love the variety of topics covered by the author and I believe that anyone else with more specific interests will love it too. I recommend this site and its content to every one looking for an easy and enjoyable way to succeed, even without realizing it. Download and use. Positive change is inevitable."
-Kalin C.